How to get your kids to eat healthy food?

Dear tired, overwhelmed parents,

I know you are too tired, stressed and hungry to stand up to your kids when they pester you for junk food – after all it’s packaged so beautifully, it is so bloody tempting to take the drive thru option. I was so surprised recently – I was busting to go to the loo. It was 11am Sunday morning and the nearest loo just had to be maccas! I was blown away at how many families were in there eating fries and big macs on a Sunday morning.

This is a difficult but necessary topic – it is time to be brave and be a bit hard lined with your kids. I understand that you have to choose your battles carefully as a parent. No one else will take responsibility for your children’s food education – well perhaps big food companies will misguide your children with the use of advertising and marketing. May I suggest this is not what you really want if you want your children to be fit and healthy. I am assuming that all parents want their children to grow up fit, strong, healthy, clever and free from lifestyle related illnesses. (more…)

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