CBD to Help cancer victims and other ailments

‘Throughout this blog there are links to case studies, showing results of people using CBD to combat cancer and other diseases’

Why is Passion 4 Juice writing this blog? As nutritional healers we like to use plants, herbs and food for healing. These are gifts from nature and are there for us to use and make available for all. Lets us ask you: “What would you do if you or a family member had cancer? I know this is one of the first treatments I would use!”

Can Cannabinoids Treat Cancer?

Researchers first started looking at the anticancer properties of canninboids in the 1970’s. With hundreds of papers written on the subject ever since. More and more data is being collected, along with more and more scientists becoming increasing aware that cannaboids CBD is and can stop cancer tumours from growing along with even reducing them! AND… not just cancer. (more…)

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Three to Five Day Detox Plan


Passion 4 Juice After Christmas Juice Cleanse

While doing the detox the aim is to eat as clean as possible. Focus on eliminating wheat, dairy, meat, caffeine and processed foods. This will take some planning and preparation. Think about cleaning out your kitchen cupboard and fridge beforehand so you won’t be tempted by what is in your fridge.

Don’t be surprised if you feel a bit lousy, especially on day 2 and 3. It will pass and buy day 4 you will feel better – read all the way to the end as there are some great cleansing techniques that will help you avoid to many bad headaches as you cleanse.

The number one key to any detox is HYDRATION. The body is 75% water, all the organs and systems run on water, without sufficient water the body is physiologically stressed. That means water, freshly pressed vegetable or fruit juices and herbal teas NOT tea, coffee, green tea, fizzy drinks, concentrated fruit juice or alcohol – these are all caffeinated or acidic, or both, they dehydrate and create stress. The first thing I do with my health clients is start them on hydration therapy. It is very straightforward and I want you to make a note of this and treat it like a prescription from the doctor – just do it! (more…)

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Free Food – Hedgerow Grazing

Fresh healthy food – for free!

Hedgerows offer a larder of healthy seasonal food, and you can find some great free foods in your local countryside; blackberries, blackcurrants, gooseberries, sloes, elderflower, nettles and dandelions. All can be used in cooking and are delicious when made into juices and smoothies.

Don’t be afraid to over pick as your harvest can be frozen and saved for when you find a recipe you want to try. Clean the produce well and try to pick from the higher branches or bushes where possible.

You may also be able to get apples and pears for free but do make sure they’re not on private land! And don’t be afraid to ask if you can share fruit from neighbours, either for payment or a share of your delicious recipes.

Keep your eyes open when walking in the countryside; it tastes so much better knowing you picked the ingredients rather than buying them from a supermarket. (more…)

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How to Beat Being Tired All The Time

One of the number one reasons people go to their GP is because they are feeling ‘tired all the time’. Are you feeling tired, bloated, not sleeping well?

Good gardeners know about the importance of sunlight, water and feeding plants well. But what about you? I am coaching a couple of excellent gardeners at the moment. They know how to grow awesome veggies and beautiful plants but need some help when it comes to themselves. You cannot feed your body lots of sugar, tea and bread and expect to be vibrant and blossoming.

The importance of magnesium – it is so vital for every cell function – for good breathing, sleep, immune support, emotional balance, digestion – every function of every cell in our body needs magnesium – and magnesium is very deplete in our soil so we really need It is one of the supplements I do recommend to be taken daily. Magnesium oil and Epsom Salt baths are also excellent for topping up via the skin. (more…)

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Staying Healthy at Summer Festivals

Summer Time and the living is easy… Hundreds of thousands of people will be flocking to festivals to enjoy long weekends full of music, interesting speakers, open-air theatre, outdoor dance and hopefully sunshine!

The festival season is a time to let our hair down and enjoy ourselves, but that doesn’t mean we should neglect our health. Follow our simple tips to look after your mind and body ensure you return home as healthy and well as when you left. Make room in your bag for these boosting and hydrating snacks to keep you healthy, happy, and energized all day and late into night. (more…)

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