Discover 6 Of The Best Drinks For Weight Loss

Fresh pressed juices and smoothies are among the best drinks available if you’re focused on weight loss.

Juices are an excellent way of getting nutrient dense fruit and vegetables into the body, feeding the cells and helping shift excess weight. Juices are a fantastic way to get more than your 5 a day vegetable requirement and can be quickly and easily absorbed by the body. A green smoothie can be a complete health package, containing vitamins, nutrients, natural sugars and living enzymes. It’s energy on tap. Fresh pressed juice cleanses the body of toxins and contains living enzymes, vital for health and well-being. (more…)

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Healthy Weight-Loss – How To Lose Weight The Healthy Way

Slow and steady – in this case – most definitely wins the race. It isn’t really a race… One of the most misconstrued ideas around weight-loss is that you need to dramatically cut calories in-order-to lose weight. It’s often accompanied by following strict rules and trying to stick to an unrealistic number of calories each day – does 1200 kcal sound familiar? The average energy intake for adults is approximately 2’080 kcal/day (8’700kj/day). Reducing your energy intake by approximately 500 kcal/day is the best place to start for most individuals – helping to reduce weight by approximately 0.5 kg/week.

In addition – that golden rule “Calories in = Calories out” – #not-always. What happens in the kitchen, doesn’t stay in the kitchen when it comes to weight loss – the biggest contributor to holding on to that extra weight is what you’re putting in your mouth, followed by how long you spend sitting on your bum – a lack of regular physical activity is a major contributor to weight-gain and hinders weight-loss.

So – here are some practical and easy guidelines you can follow: (more…)

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