How I became so passionate about gut health

By my 12th emergency visit to A&E I knew something had to change.  I had over a dozen visits to hospital as an adult.  By 12 times in less than 6 months was beyond serious.  I was heavily reliant on a big range of medication for asthma and allergies.  I carried 3 types of puffers anti-histamines and an Epipen for emergency adrenaline. The medications I was taking for pain, hay fever, allergies, asthma, and regular bouts of bronchitis were no longer  working.

I never dreamed that all my problems were because of candida, parasites, blood flukes and Lyme disease.

Trish Tucker May

Nutrition is how I transformed my life from a sickly, asthmatic, and highly allergic young woman to a healthy and thriving, medication free, fifty-year-old woman. I am fitter, stronger and healthier than I have ever been. I have been juicing for 37 years now. I have been medication free for 18 years.

I knew from that moment on I would dedicate my life to helping others.

My focus became helping others get to the root cause of unwanted health challenges.

I help women who are bloated, accidentally overweight and feeling unattractive.

Women who are struggling with low energy.

Ladies, once we reach 40, we need to nourish ourselves in a different way.

If you are struggling with

Extra weight?
Chronic health issues??
Poor sleep?
Belly bloat?

All of these symptoms are your body’s way of telling you it’s time for a change.

In my programs I promise…

  • You will not starve.

  • You will not be deprived.

  • You will thrive.

  • You will get your sparkle back.

  • No more diets. No more confusion. No more miracle cures.

  • No more wondering which foods are right for you.

It is time to nourish to get your life back.