All workshops are currently running online and are free to join.

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FREE online Essential Oil Classes in September  Click here to book your place

What you will learn at the class:

  • What are essential oils and how do they work.
  • Why essential oils are so fast and effective.
  • How to use oils to replace your medicine cabinet.
  • The three really cool things about essential oils.
  • How to use oils safely for topical, aromatic and internal use.

Gut Health and  Energy Retreat will be running again late 2020.

How would you like to wake up and approach each day with energy and maintain it throughout the day?

Do you wish you knew what foods will give you more energy?

Are you ready to transform your health and vitality so you can do the things you love and enjoy?

Well I have some good news as I am hosting a one-day retreat and I would love for you to come along and learn about nourishing your body naturally.

One-Day Retreat is your opportunity to spend a day fully immersed in all things healthy. It is your chance to treat yourself. The goal of this workshop is simple — To learn how to listen to your body and reclaim your energy. You will leave with a personalised template that will help you with weight loss, energy and healthy living. Come and join us for a day and be prepared to leave looking and feeling like a different person.

Join us for a day of nourishing organic food, healing juices and profoundly practical self-care rituals.

What you will learn:

  • How your food and lifestyle choices affect your energy levels,
  • How you can take charge of your own health easily,
  • How you can choose and prepare the right foods, so you have all the energy and vitality to enjoy life and do the things you want to do,
  • Discover the power of healing juices that you will absolutely love and transform your life,
  • How to identify the good and bad when it comes to food and how to consistently make good choices,
  • The key ingredients of healing foods and how to effortlessly incorporate them into your diet,
  • Practical self-care rituals that you can incorporate into your life immediately,
  • Learn how to replace your medicine cabinet with natural alternatives, and
  • Much, much more…

What’s included:

  • A full day of inspiration, learning, guidance, fun and gentle Tai Chi movement. This is not difficult exercise – if you can stand and breathe you can learn Tai Chi.
  • Freshly prepared, delicious organic food from morning green juice, through lunch and healthy organic snacks. the food for this retreat is grown locally and picked fresh.
  • A free recipe book, elimination plan and recipes used on the day
  • Free membership to Joe’s tai Chi and Movement Facebook Group. Free membership to the Juice, Nourish, Detox, Heal Facebook group hosted by Trish.
  • A jar of sauerkraut that you will enjoy learning to make yourself. Fermentation recipes will be included.
  • No matter where you are on your health journey, this session will provide valuable insights and lessons.

I look forward to having you be a guest on this amazing and fun filled day.

By the end of our day together you will:

  • Know how you can enrich your life with practical self-care strategies to combat pain and improve your energy.
  • Learn about the health benefits of whole foods, fermented foods, juices and smoothies.
  • Learn simple tools and strategies you can implement as soon as you return home to improve your health and life experience.
  • Understand the importance of food and movement as a powerful health and abundance.
  • Have tasted and enjoyed some amazingly delicious and beautiful food, snacks and drinks, and felt their energising effects.
  • Be inspired and clear on how to make some lasting changes to your habits
  • Feel invigorated, nurtured and motivated to action.

Be inspired – please join us. See you there.